Our Story

We are an independently owned business whose ‘raison d'être’ was established to enrich the lives and provide product solutions to resident, home and business owners. We are shopping connoisseurs with 33 years of shopping experience under our belt.

It all started in 2016, when the CEO, with five kids in tow (blended family, four displayed below), lived in a small bungalow with very little space to maneuver with her growing family. They started the hunt for a new place to live. After an unsuccessful year, it was decided that they would build their family a home while juggling a very tight budget.   
The build was supposed to take 8 months to finalize…. unfortunately, this became 3 years (an even longer story).  Through this arduous, laborious and emotional process (the Storm, it became obvious that there was room for improvements everywhere you turn. Cutting corners where she could, meant that instead of purchasing items from the builders’ suppliers (overpriced and limited items), she had to search for other Solutions. This would include shopping online and in-person at such places as: Wayfair, Lowes, Costco along with clearance items sections and cross-border shopping. A Solution for cutting costs was to purchase a property that had previously housed a home that burnt down. This saved money as they did not have to pay for things like a new septic, drill a well, nor pay for typical developmental fees charged when building a new property. 
Learning each step in the building process, managing the challenges of a busy household (e.g., ringette, swimming lessons, household chores, homework, etc..) along with working full-time in her full-time career meant in order to survive you had to have Solutions for everything hence Mansfield Solutions was born. Her stress buster and compulsion has always been shopping.  Her circle does not bother with flowers, they gift a Winners/Homesense/Marshalls or Costco gift card. 
Sometimes in life you think… there has GOT to be a better solution, a better way.
Ultimately, your home and/or business, are the natural projection of your soul. You need to surround yourself with things that are truly authentic and true to you, which in turn, will shelter you from the Storms. And also, be a reminder of where you have come and where you want to be. 
Inspired By Where We Live

Our journey always starts at home and that of our family and friends. We are inspired by our surroundings, the destinations we visit along with our Canadian seasons.

We love the warmth of the sun, an autumn breeze, eating ‘BeaverTails' pastries while skating on the world’s largest canal.

All of this reminds us of our beloved home in Ottawa. Which inspires us greatly along with the destinations we travel to.

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