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Inspired By Our Lives & The Way We Live

Why Choose Us?

We Don't Work With Unethical Companies

As there are many ways our production can be jeopardized; we do our best to utilize and employ well-educated and experienced people to inspect factories. We do our best to purchase items from reputable companies. We do not allow or accept bribes, nor do we ask that of our suppliers.

We refuse to work with factories or businesses that have unethical practices and look for other sources when required.

We Are Shopping Connoisseurs

With 33 years of shopping experience, we know that in this line of business it is essential to have 4 of the basics.

Attention to detail, great organization skills, being highly organized and money management skills.

You need an eye for the styles and trends, the experience of running a busy household with various lifestyles and personas, along with years of experience in the shopping industry - we have all of the above and are excited that by reading this you have decided to join our journey and be a part of our circle.

We Put Your Family First

Inspired By Where We Live

Our journey always starts at home and that of our family and friends. We are inspired by our surroundings, the destinations we visit along with our Canadian seasons.

We love the warmth of the sun, an autumn breeze, eating ‘BeaverTails' pastries while skating on the world’s largest canal.

All of this reminds us of our beloved home in Ottawa. Which inspires us greatly along with the destinations we travel to.

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